“Sarah has taken the time and effort to educate herself on all the avenues of recycling and greener living and shares all that expertise with an engaging, interactive presentation.  Her program is chock full of relevant information about how we can make simple changes both in the way we consume things and the ways we recycle in our homes to make a smaller impact on our planet.  It's so important to know what items can and cannot be tossed into the recycling bin (you'll be surprised even if you've tried to keep up!) and to learn how we might be able to compost even if we think we can't.  I've been trying to live a green life.  Sarah's presentation, by covering a multitude of topics, gave me many tools to do better.”

- Jenny I., January 2020


"Sarah really helped me to understand recycling and composting in more depth. The two hour presentation went so fast as there's so much to learn. Sometimes we think we are doing things correctly, but there are things we can do better or differently, and Sarah gave a beautiful presentation to help us understand better how help the health of our earth." 

- Pam H., January 2020